Working Together


Working Towards 'Bridgedale collaboration' - 'Increased access'

We are embarking on an exciting new project to offer you access to more bookable GP and nurse appointments, 7 days a week.

Appointments will be available to you until 8pm on weekdays and from 9am - 1pm Saturdays and 8.30am - 12pm Sundays and bank holidays.

We are working with the other 2 GP practices that provide services to patients in Bamber Bridge, Walton le Dale and surrounding areas to offer these additional appointments, and in total around 30,000 patients will benefit from this new collaborative way of working.

We hope that by offering improved access for both routine and urgent GP appointments every day of the week and at a time and place that is convenient to you, we can help to keep you well for longer. We also hope to reduce the number of visits to Accident and Emergency departments by improving access to our services.

Whether it is a routine appointment in the evening that you need to fit in with your day to day commitments, or an urgent GP appointment, we hope that by providing more flexible appointments we can offer a convenient patient focused service that meets your needs.

If you should have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the practice in the usual way.

Please note Bridgedale Increased Access is for appointments only staff cannot deal with any medication queries or ordering of any medication. If you require medication or have any medication queries you will need to contact or attend your normal surgery.

Bridgedale Collaboration upcoming appointments/location/time

Date Clinician    Location
1/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
2/11/2019 GP Roslea MC 
3/11/2019 GP Roslea MC 
4/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC


Roslea MC 
6/11/2019 Nurse Ryan MC 
7/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
8/11/2019  Nurse Ryan MC 
9/11/2019 Nurse Ryan MC 
10/11/2019 Nurse Ryan MC 
11/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC 
12/11/2019 Nurse Roslea MC 
13/11/2019 Nurse Ryan MC 
14/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
15/11/2019 Nurse Roslea MC
16/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC 
17/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
18/11/2019 Nurse Ryan MC
19/11/2019 Nurse Roslea MC
20/11/2019 Nurse Ryan MC
21/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
22/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
23/11/2019 Nurse Roslea MC
24/11/2019 GP  Roslea MC
25/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
26/11/2019 Nurse Roslea MC
27/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
28/11/2019 Nurse Riverside MC
29/11/2019 Nurse Roslea MC
30/11/2019 Healthcare Assistant  Ryan MC


Surgery Times

Monday - Friday 6.30pm - 8.00pm**

Saturday - 9.00am - 1.00pm**

Sunday - 8.30am - 12pm**

** Unless stated otherwise.


Collaboration addresses

Roslea Medical centre, 51 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, PR5 6PE

Riverside Medical Centre, 194 Victoria Road, Walton-Le-Dale, PR5 4AY

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